Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division

Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division, USNSCC

Welcome to the official web site of the
Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division
 of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps. 

                           If you are interested in joining as a Cadet or becoming an Adult Volunteer go to...
            In the Referred by or Comments section put 095IND to ensure that you are transferred to our queue.
For Recruiting Inquiries Contact  LT Beall USN 
For Administration Inquiries Contact  INST Nemeth
For Training Inquiries Contact  LT Beall
For Public Affairs Inquiries Contact  LT Sauter
For Career Counseling Contact  LTJG Kinkead
For the Commanding Officer Contact LT Sauter

Last Update 01FEB20