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I would like to thank your unit for the great training opportunities I was offered while briefly with CA-35 Division. I wish I would have been able to continue to participate in the USNSCC: your drills and activities were the best I had participated in out of all three Cadet programs that I was part of at the time. I learned Navy traditions, practical military knowledge, and the true meaning of teamwork and inclusiveness. Thanks to the lessons I had learned from CA-35 Division, I became a better leader and person.

  I am proud to report to you and the Division that the United States Air Force R.O.T.C. offered me a Four-Year, Type 2 Scholarship worth over $72,000 to the college of my choice, and the United States Navy R.O.T.C. offered me the national, full tuition scholarship to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona, Florida, my first choice university, worth almost $150,000. I am honored to have been part of your unit and to soon begin my career in the world's finest Navy, hopefully as an aviator. Once again, thank you for everything the unit has done for me.


Martina G. Szabo

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There are many things that I learned from the Sea Cadet program. For one, it helped me become a more confident and encouraging person. The people I met and the activities I was able to participate in brought me out of my shell in a way. Suddenly, I wasn't so quiet anymore. I learned how to believe in myself in and out of drill. My shipmates gave me the ability to encourage and work with others. I learned that your shipmates are like brothers and sisters to you, and that it is important that you do everything to help each other succeed. Sometimes shipmates fall behind, so it is up to you to lift them up and help them. I learned a lot about the US Navy and military life in general and it gave me a much greater appreciation and understanding of what Is happening on the inside with all the crew and sailors, as well as the hard work that everybody puts in. Sea Cadets gave me the ability to lead others, and pass my leadership ability onto others as well. I am forever thankful for the hours of work that go into planning every drill, event, and activity. I also want to thank the officers for everything they did to help me learn and grow as a person. The sea cadets changed my life, and I hope it continues to change other lives as well.


Ethan Barksdale  

  • Navy Reserve Center
  • 9801 E 59th St,
  • Indianapolis, Indiana 46216
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