Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division

Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division, USNSCC


Commanding Officer

LT Brad Sauter, NSCC

Executive Officer; 


Operations Officer; 

INST Mark 'Andy' Hughes, NSCC

Admin Officer; 

INST Colleen Valencia, NSCC

Finance Officer; 

INST Heidi Jennings, NSCC

Training Officer; 

INST Bruce Jones, NSCC  

LT Mike Beall, USN

Command Career Counselor;

LT Jordan Kinkead, NSCC

Public Affairs Officer;

LT Brad Sauter, NSCC

Executive Assistant / Alumni Liaison; 

LT Mike Beall, USN

Recruiting Officer; 

LT Brad Sauter, NSCC

Medical Officer;  

INST Mark 'Andy' Hughes, NSCC

Supply Officer; 

INST Ariel Henry, NSCC

Safety Officer;

INST Matt Tobman, NSCC

Auxiliary Staff; 

CPO Dwight Henry, USNR

Sea Cadet Liaisons; 

VFW 261: Russell Pryor


NOSC:  LCDR Nicholas Smith, USN


LT Sauter is the Commanding Officer of Cruiser Indianapolis Division. He joined the NSCC Officer Corps in 2011. He was an operations officer and executive officer before becoming CO. He was the Commanding officer from October 2012 to November 2014. He stepped back to Public Affairs Officer until 2016 when he retired from the Corps. He came out of retirement as of Oct. 2018 to be Executive Officer for the unit until Feb 2020 when he resumed being CO. He was Commanding Officer Training Contingent for Field Operations Indiana at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center for 2 years and also for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. He graduated Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science. He was in law enforcement for 27 years serving as a deputy marshal for 9 years and a city police officer for the balance. He also retired from Eli Lilly and Company where he was in corporate security and then a photographer and video producer for the company.   He is a amateur Extra Class radio operator, CERT certified, has extensive training in firearms and tactics, first aid, CPR, defibrillators, domestic violence, SIDS, drug abuse, emergency vehicle operations and crisis management. He has a daughter attending Colorado State University and a son who was a previous Sea Cadet working and going to college in Chicago. 


LT Mike Beall, serves as the Executive Assistant and Alumni Liaison for Cruiser Indianapolis Division. LT Beall joined the NSCC as a cadet in 2007. He made his way through the ranks and graduated out of the program in 2010 as Chief Petty Officer. LT Beall then joined the NSCC as a Midshipman. He served as the Training Officer for Cruiser Indianapolis Division located in Indianapolis, Indiana (2010-2016). LT Beall also served as Chief Medical Officer for Recruit Training Illinois from 2010 to 2016. Other Escort Officer training positions: UCOIN (IN-2012), Field Operations (IN-2012), Advanced Culinary (WI-2014).

LT Beall is an emergency/trauma nurse in the United States Navy. He is currently stationed at Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms. His previous experience includes two years of civilian nursing in an ER in Chicago.

LT Beall’s personal awards and decorations include NSCC Meritorious Recognition Ribbon with two Bronze Stars, Commendation Ribbon, Citation Ribbon, Escort Officer Ribbon with one Silver and two Bronze Stars, NSCC Prior Service Ribbon with Gold Star, and various service ribbons.

LT Beall’s hobbies include SCUBA diving, hiking, shooting, and CrossFit.

COMMAND CAREER COUNSELOR (CCC)                                                                                                                                                                      01FEB20
FORMER COMMANDING OFFICER / OPERATIONS OFFICER:                                                                                                                                     13DEC18
LT Jordan Kinkead NSCC was born in Pennsylvania, but grew up in Fishers, Indiana.
Graduate of Hamilton Southeastern High School in 2005.
Attended Lincoln Technical Institute and University of Maryland University College (UMUC) but did not graduate from either. 
Enlisted in the Unites States Navy’s Delayed Entry Program in early 2006. After 10 months in DEP he went to Boot Camp and graduated in Jan 2007 and was off to CID Corry Station in Pensacola, Florida for Radioman/IT ‘A’ school until graduation and receipt of orders in May 2007.
First stationed for a year in Norfolk, VA then Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. Petty Officer Kinkead was stationed there for several years and lived in nearby Yokohama. While in Japan he was reenlisted by one on his most promising subordinates.  In late 2011 IT2 Kinkead received 12 month orders to report to Juffair, Manama; a Coalition Base within the Kingdom of Bahrain. For many of his years as a Petty Officer overseas, he served as a Training Petty Officer, Watch Section Leader and Work-center supervisor.
In late 2012 IT2 was in receipt of orders to a Destroyer out of Norfolk, however due to service connected injuries incurred while overseas was not able to carry on in an Active Duty service capacity. In February of 2013 Petty Officer Kinkead was Honorably discharged into the Inactive Reserves and moved back to Indiana where he remains.
While in the military, Petty Officer Kinkead visited numerous locations around the globe including but not limited to… Kyoto, Hiroshima, Hawaii, Brasil, Chile, San Diego, Portugal, Greece, Italy and Canada.
Kinkead has visited the Grand Canyon, North American Auto Show in Detriot and has attended the Tokyo Auto Salon (show) several times.
Jordan Kinkead credits his late grandfather William ‘Bill’ Kinkead of Sheridan, Indiana as his biggest inspiration and influence. While in Japan Jordan visited both places where each of his grandfathers were stationed during the Korean War.
Mr. Kinkead is a Paid up for life member of the American Legion where he served as the Vice Commander from June 2015 - June 2017 and Veteran Service Officer from April 2013 - July 2017. He holds a Lifetime membership to the VFW, DAV, AMVETS, and NRA; a former member of the Hamilton County Navy Club 2013 - 2016.
Mr. Kinkead takes his volunteer jobs VERY seriously and never stops learning ways to do those jobs better! He has been known to read Navy, USNSCC, and American Legion publications as well as other literature when unable to sleep which is often.
He is a strong advocate of Total Quality Management / Leadership and uses it everyday. An avid follower of the W. Edwards Deming philosophy.
Other Interesting facts include, While in Japan he climbed Mt. Fuji, and stayed at a Buddhist Monastery while in Kyoto. Which would explain his adoption of the ZEN Buddhism religion. His first airplane flight was to Navy Boot Camp.
He was on a ship that caught fire while at sea, was in Japan during the giant 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and ensuing nuclear meltdown several years ago. He has also been writing a book for several years which has since turned into five, none of which are enough to his satisfaction to be published. He also served more than five years overseas.  Mr. Kinkead has supported and promoted several Veteran not for profits over the years including but not limited to Boot Campaign, Vision 2 Victory, Vet 2 Vet, Warriors Hope, as well as the USO.
LT Kinkead is not married and does not have children of his own but considers all he has served with across the globe as well as the cadets he mentors to be family.  
LT Kinkead has been serving as the Command Career Counselor since 01FEB20. He also works on Process Improvement for the division and teaches monthly Leadership Development classes to cadets.
He previously served as the Commanding Officer from 01OCT16 to 31JAN20. He was previously billeted as the Operations Officer for more than 2 years and served the division as a Training Instructor for 1 year. 
LT Kinkead comes to the Cruiser Division with a prideful Navy attitude and intends to teach values that cannot be taught in a school classroom.  One of his many goals within the program is to mentor the cadets into becoming productive members of society. Whether they join the military or become lawyers, bankers, architects, electricians, mechanics, or even general laborers; his goal is that no matter what the cadets become; they are prideful in what they do, help others, and lead from the front in order to become America’s future leaders. His favorite things about the NSCC are teaching POLA, instituting Process Improvements, and making positive impacts on the lives of the cadets.
IT2 Kinkead served a total of 8 years between the Reserves and Active Duty and in 2014 officially became Semi - Medically Retired from the United States NAVY. He will start working towards his BS in Organizational Leadership and Supervision at IUPUI in January 2019.
His Navy awards include the Navy Achievement Medal, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Good Conduct Medal (2 awards), National Defense Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary and Service Medals, Sea Service Ribbon (3 awards), Overseas Service (5 awards), and Marksmanship Ribbon (Pistol).
Mr. Kinkead's Sea Cadet awards include the Escort Officer Ribbon (4 Awards), Community Service Ribbon (14 awards), Drug Reduction Service Ribbon, Recruiting Incentive Ribbon, Marksman Ribbon (S), 25th Year Commissioned Ribbon, 5th, 4th, 3rd (Leadership Torch), 2nd & 1st year Ribbons. 
December 2018 Ivy Tech graduate with an  AAS Degree in Business Management and Administration
He also has Ordained Ministerial Credentials from the Universal Life Church.
If you would like to contact LT Kinkead his email address for the NSCC is and his professional profile can be found at


INST Bruce Jones, NSCC.  Training Officer.  

INST Jones is a US Air Force veteran with 8 years of service on the USAF Honor Guard and brings a wealth of knowledge to the cadets on drill and ceremonies.

INST Andy Hughes, NSCC.   Operation Officer and Medical Officer.

INST Ariel Holmes, NSCC.   Supply Officer

If you are interested in joining the Sea Cadets go to and put 095IND in the Comments Section to ensure your referral gets to us.
  • Fort Benjamin Harrison Veterans Center
  • 9450 E 59th St,  NW Corner of 59th and Lee Road
  • Indianapolis, Indiana 46216


Warrant Officer L. Snair.  Former CO. EOT: SEP2016


HMC Brian Egan: Former XO. EOT: SEP2016    

A native of Sacramento, California, HMC Egan entered the Navy on June 27, 2003, attending Recruit Training at Great Lakes, IL. Upon graduation he reported to Naval Hospital Corps “A” school in Great Lakes, IL and subsequently attended Field Medical Service School in Camp Pendleton, CA.

    In June of 2004, he checked into 3rd Medical Battalion, 3rd Force Service Support Group, Okinawa, Japan. He was assigned to Headquarters & Service Company as an S-3 Operations Clerk. During his time at 3rd Medical Battalion he deploy to the Philippines with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (31st MEU) in 2005.

    In June of 2006 he transferred to 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (3rd MAW) at Miramar, CA. Shortly after reporting he deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Helicopter Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) Corpsman with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-364 in Al Taqaddum, Iraq.  He performed 50 CASEVAC flights and flew over 200 combat flight hours. Inflight he medically treated 336 critical and noncritical casualties.

   In June of 2007 he took orders to The Center for Naval Engineering Fire Fighting/Damage Control School (CNE FF/DC) at Naval Base San Diego, CA. As the sole Corpsman at the CNE FF/DC school he was put in charge of the CNE medical department and provided emergency medical care for high risk live FF/DC training. He attended Journeyman Instructor Training and became qualified to tech all firefighting classes. He also attained Master Training Specialist Qualification.

    In July of 2010 he reported to 1st Marine Division, where he was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines (2/5), as the Battalions Leading Petty Officer. He deployed with 2/5 in January 2011 on the 31st MEU to Okinawa, Japan. He led the Battalions Sailors during training operations in Thailand, Cambodia and ended the deployment with a humanitarian assistance mission in support of operation Tomodachi, Japan. In March 2012 he deployed again as the Leading Petty Officer of 2/5, leading the Battalions 69 Sailors during combat operations in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. He personally participated in the treatment of 67 combat casualties and 65 noncombat patients.

    On September 14th, 2012 he was advanced to Chief Petty Officer and took charge of the 1st Marine Division Surgeons Office Administration department, as the Leading Chief Petty Officer. In July 2013 HMC Egan executed orders to the Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit with follow-on orders to Navy Recruiting District Michigan, Navy Officer Recruiting Station Indianapolis, IN.  

    HMC Egan’s personal awards include the Air Medal Strike/Flight (3 awards) and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (6 awards), as well as multiple unit, campaign and service awards. His warfare qualifications include the Enlisted Fleet Marine Force Warfare Specialist (Combat Service Support Element, Air Combat Element & Ground Combat Element) and Marine Combat Aircrew.

    He also is currently married to Calah R. Egan and they have one son Callan E. Egan. He currently resides in Fishers, IN.


Instructor Susan Nemeth is a native of Indianapolis with a Masters in Accounting from Notre Dame and an undergrad in Finance & Real Estate from IUPUI.  She works full time at Café Lending, a division of GVC Mortgage, Inc. as one of Indiana’s top mortgage advisors.  She was herself a sea cadet for about a year in the late 1980’s but after graduating from RT at Great Lakes, decided to pursue other opportunities.  She is proud that her son is now a unit member. 

Toward the end of 2015, Susan signed on to be an Instructor with our unit and is currently the Admin Officer.  Besides enjoying life with her spouse, son, family and dear friends, she loves to travel as often as possible and to participate in various cultural activities around town.  She is a member of the Indianapolis Historical Society, State Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Historic Landmarks of Indiana, LifeJourney Church, and National Archives Foundation in Washington DC.  She is also a season subscriber to the Indianapolis Repertory Theatre (IRT) and takes in a few Broadway shows each season.  She is an avid movie-goer and typically has seen all movies up for best picture each year (along with several others that would never make the best picture category)!


LT Dave Witte is a training officer for us and was the units previous CO for three years.  His two sons were in the unit and one is currently deployed with the US Navy.

Inst. Don Kinsey was born in Peoria, IL and raised in Joliet, IL.  Don graduated from Joliet West H.S. then attended Southern Illinois University where he attained his private Pilot Licence before pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology.  Don graduated in 1992 and started a career in Computer Aided Drafting at Caterpillar Inc.  Don has been with Caterpillar for 22 years, relocated with the company twice and is currently the Operations Manager of the Franklin, IN Remanufacturing Facility.
 Don is a board member with Johnson County Development Corporation, has been a chair person with the United Way Allocations Committee for the past two years as well as a Project Manager for the United Way Day of Caring.  Don is also a sub-committee member for Aspire Johnson County on the Career and Talent Attraction and Retention group.
  Don has been married for 20 years to Sally Kinsey and they have two children.  Toccoa Kinsey is a freshman at Ball State University studying education and Travis is a Sophomore at Center Grove H.S.  In 2009 while living in Summerville S.C. Travis joined USNSCC Yorktown Division Charleston S.C. At that time Don and Sally started to volunteer their time during drill weekends, often sleeping in the racks aboard the USS Yorktown.  Don became a training instructor while Sally worked with Service Jackets and Awards.  Don and his family transferred to Indiana in December of 2012 and shortly after joined the Indianapolis Cruiser Division USNSCC.
 Don continues to volunteer with the Sea Cadets and recently accepted the opportunity to serve as the units Administration Officer.  Don states  "I like to have a active role in my son's life and the Sea Cadets provide plenty of opportunity to do so".

If you are interested in joining the Sea Cadets go to and put 095IND in the Comments Section to ensure your referral gets to us.